I was doing EVERYTHING I could

to build the family life I dreamed of BUT I had no idea if my daily efforts were working to bring the difference I hoped for.

I kept getting the same dead-end advice!

"you just have to do your best and hope that it works out"

I couldn't believe it! The most important job in the world and people were depending on crossed fingers?!

I Was Not Okay With Leaving The Success of My Family to Chance!

But how was "I" supposed to KNOW how to do things differently?
What could I do to create the long term effects I was longing for?

I was still trying to heal from my own traumas and I felt entirely inadequate. What is the key to creating a healthy home environment?

Tired and worried that no matter how hard I tried, that I was doomed to pass on destructive cycles to my kids. I asked God to help me know how to help my family and then I discovered something that changed EVERYTHING!


Made it EASY to Stop Damaging Cycles!