I was doing EVERYTHING I could to build the family life I dreamed of!

BUT I had no idea if my daily efforts were going to bring about the long lasting differences I was hoping for!

Everything I read wasn't answering the questions I had and everyone I asked for advice, all answered with fear and sorrow in their voice the same advice, which was...
"you just have to do your best and hope that it works out"

I couldn't believe it! The most important job in the world, and all parents had to work with was crossed fingers?!

I Was Not Okay With Leaving The Future & Success of My Family to Chance!

Here is why...

I had watched my amazing parents go through many difficult trials, with only this advice to go on... crossing fingers, running themselves in every direction trying to do their best for their kids and holding on with everything they could! Holding on day, after day, after day and expecting that each day would somehow eventually get better. And in spite of all their efforts, I watched our beautiful family fall into ruins. If this advice didn't help the two most hard working parents this world had to offer there is no way this advice was going to work for me!


I was on a mission

I was determined to figure out EXACLTY what would help my growing little family weather the storms of life.

I was determined to figure out EXACLTY what would help my growing little family

weather the storms of life.

How was I supposed to raise up kids who could dream big and have the skills needed to achieve their dreams, all while maintaining healthy boundaries in every area of their life? What would ensure their emotional health, their capacity to extend kindness to others, and always feel loved and accepted in their own skin and in our home?

What Were The Fundamental Skills Needed

to create the best family and home experience?

I interviewed hundreds of successful parents with these questions

1. What are you aiming for?

2. How is it going?

3. How did your parents help?

There were times I felt completely defeated, I was still trying to heal from my own trials and my mental health and physical health were declining, keeping me from showing up how I wanted to show up for my kids.

It was through asking these questions that God helped reveal life changing skills that have helped me to completely change the trials of parenting in my life, give me back my emotional and mental health, and ensure the success of my kids in every area of their lives.


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