Where You Learn How
to Create a Home That

Your Kids Will Always Want to Return to

Traditions of Truth is For You if...

You want to learn how to discipline in a way that produces self-driven and emotionally healthy kids, and creates a family culture that you and your kids will always want to return to!


is for parents who want to:

With Clarity

Right now there is an overabundance of information telling parents what they "should" do.

BUT no one is helping parents with childhood trauma know how to filter through the noise and identify exactly what tools will help them!

I will help you EASILY create an emotionally healthy home environment.

Worry With

Challenging moments can keep you second guessing all your efforts and keep you unsure of how you should act in hard situations.

Not knowing what will best help your kids doesn't have to keep you feeling stuck any longer!

Traditions of Truth will give you the tools DISIPLINE without turning into the bad guy.

To Achieve

How do you succeed as a parent? Parents who don't know how to answer this question, continue to pass on damaging patterns.

Success as a parent is possible but only if you know what you are aiming for!

I will help you see a clear path forward that will ignite your life with NEW ENERGY and greater mental and emotional capacity.

Having a Guide Changes EVERYTHING!

Doing things solo is possible but when you are trying to build something that was not modeled for you as a kid it can increase your anxiety, prolong existing fears & keep you feeling like no matter how hard you try the family life you dream of will always be just out of reach!

I don't want to leave you feeling that way!
You are an incredible parent and I can help you achieve the family life you deserve!

If you want to long lasting results and faster relief then join Traditions of Truth!

Join the others who have found clarity and confidence
with Traditions of Truth.

I have followed and taken other parenting courses that had okay strategies but were also vague and didn’t mesh well with MY specific issues. I was looking for something more deep and something that could be molded more to what is happening in my life right now.  I would absolutely recommend Traditions of Truth!

 -Jordan Taylor

I felt discouraged by the way I seemed to have common ruts that I was just stuck in as a parent - challenges little and big that I wanted to handle and feel differently about but continued to feel stuck in. Traditions of Truth gave me the skills that helped me be true to my core values while also being able to change how I think about and react to my common challenges. Every parent needs this!

-Grace Johnson

What's included?

Life-Time Access to The Program

So You can go at your own pace

Parents deserves a brake and the ability to go at their own pace! So the trainings will never go away! You will have life-time access to the trainings so you can digest them at your own pace!


• Workbook

A hands on experience that helps you stay in alignment with your values.

• Kid's Edition

A list of simple traditions that will help you easily pass on a strong foundation to your kids.

• FB Group

A community of parents who have the same values as you.

Find Success Today.
Join Traditions of Truth.

Traditions of Truth is exactly what you need to help you and your kids thrive as a family. Sign up today.


Do I have to be a mom or member of your church to join?

Nope. This is for all Christian Moms and Dads..

Is this for parents or kids?

This program is for the parents.

When is the right time to start if I'm super busy?

Great question! The simple answer is RIGHT NOW. Here is why...
If you are not sure how to tell which of your efforts are working then you will be spending a lot more of your time and energy on things that don't matter and could be making things worse. Traditions of Truth will help you gain the clarity you need to stop wasting time and energy on things that will not help you or your kids.

Don't Leave The Success of Your Family to Chance.