Parent With More Clarity, Confidence, & Healing Relief

Welcome to Traditions of Truth.
In Wanda Howard's One-on-One coaching program you will learn how to...

CLEARLY KNOW how to raise emotionally healthy & confident kids,
in a way that INCREASES your emotional and mental capacity and
enables you to ENJOY HEALING RELIEF as a parent

Hi I'm Wanda.

After living with depression for over 2 decades I hoped that after I got married, had kids, and continued having faith in God, that things would get better.
But that is when I hit my lowest. I was overwhelmed and so confused! I couldn't figure out why this was happening! I felt guilty because I was married to an amazing man and we had amazing kids, I had no reason to be suffering so badly.

Traditions of Truth changed everything for me.

It not only gave me clarity and confidence, it got me out of the darkness of depression and has helped my kids to be emotionally confidently and ambitious in their own lives.

SUCCESS AS A PARENT IS POSSIBLE! Knowing how to create a home where you and your kids thrive doesn't have to be hard!

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints I bring a spiritual perspective to my coaching.

TRADITIONS OF TRUTH is for parents who want to:

With Clarity

Right now there is an overabundance of information telling parents what they "should" know and "should" do BUT no one is helping parents know how to filter through the noise and identify exactly what tools will help them! Wanda will help you EASILY and clearly identify what tools or information will best serve you and your kids.

Worry With

If challenging moments keep you second guessing all your efforts and keep you unsure of what tactics will help your kids most, wondering things like; "should I push my kids or should I give them space?"
Then know you are not alone and that Traditions of Truth will give you the tools to confidently know what to do in EVERY SITUATION.

To Achieve

How do you define success as a parent? If you don't know, then achieving success as a parent will continue to be impossible. Unless...
You learn to define it. Success is possible! Wanda will help you define success so clearly that it will ignite your life with new energy and will enable you to achieve success EVERYDAY with greater mental and emotional capacity.

Have a Guide
to Healing Relief

Doing things solo is possible but going alone increase anxiety, prolongs existing pains & can keep you from accessing healing relief sooner! If you want to get answers and relief faster then have Wanda as your coach, she will help you go faster than you ever felt possible & your momentum will build instead of falter. Wanda is not here to alter your values, she is here to secure them.

Join the others who have found clarity and confidence
with the help of Wanda Howard.

I have followed and taken other parenting courses that had okay strategies but were also vague and didn’t mesh well with MY specific issues. I was looking for something more deep and something that could be molded more to what is happening in my life right now.  I would absolutely recommend working with Wanda Howard!

 -Jordan Taylor

I felt discouraged by the way I seemed to have common ruts that I was just stuck in as a parent - challenges little and big that I wanted to handle and feel differently about but continued to feel stuck in. Wanda Howard gave me the skills that helped me be true to my core values while also being able to change how I think about and react to my common challenges. Every parent needs this!

-Grace Johnson

What's included?

Life-Time Access to The Program

I believe each parent deserves a brake and the ability to go at their own pace! So the trainings will never go away! You will always have access to them for life so you can digest them at your own pace!

1 Year of Group Coaching Calls

On these calls we answer answer your questions and help you keep forward momentum! When parenting gets crazy it can feel so disorienting, these calls help you easily filter through the parenting noise so you can continue to move forward with confidence.


• Workbook

This workbook is designed to simplify the process.

• Kid's Edition

A compiled list of traditions that will help strengthen your foundation of the principles you will learn in Traditions of Truth program.

• FB Group

A community of parents who have the same values as you, so you can find the support and encouragement to create the difference you are wanting to create for your family.

Find your power today.
Join us in Traditions of Truth.

Traditions of Truth is exactly what you need to help you and your kids thrive as a family. Sign up today.


Do I have to be a mom or member of your church to join?

Nope. This is for all Christian Mom and Dads..

Is this for parents or kids?

This program is for the parents.

When is the right time to start if I'm super busy?

Great question! The simple answer is RIGHT NOW. Here is why...
If you are not sure how to tell which of your efforts are working then you will be spending a lot more of your time and energy on things that don't matter and could be making things worse. Traditions of Truth will help you gain the clarity you need to stop wasting time and energy on things that will not help you or your kids.

Don't Leave The Success of Your Family to Chance.

Let's get you greater clarity, confidence, & healing relief right now!